Sunday, 30 May 2010

vj f_usion ident


CLIENT:        Vj F_USION  (PT)
                        video jammer / Live performer

PURPOSE:    create an HD ident for projection/ web use

BRIEFING:     I would like you to create an ident for my professional use, be it visual live performances, web banners or animated flyers. I need it to be a short  movie, not longer than 5 seconds, one that  can work on its own as well as in loop.
                         In this Ident I need my stage name to be readable, yet not in an obvious manner.
                         I suggest you use the word FUSION's definition and try to create a fresh, edgy, vibrant visual object, in which apparently random objects eventually merge into   the words VJ F_USION.  You can use any font you find fit, but i'd rather have a costume font, one that projects a professional, competitive, creative and highly effective image.
You can use the colors you think more appropriate, but I would like to have a version in the colors I usually use, which are purples, blues and pinks., in no particular order or specific treatment, so experiment as much as you please. 

CONCEPT:    Among the debris of a recent creative explosion, a few blocks of ideas drift apart merging into the words VJ F_USION, representing the deconstruction of preexisting  ideas and its rebirth into a new visual concept.

After discussing this brief with the client,i started doing some research.The one i thought of immediately was of a tv show that i follow, called Fringe.


The channel Four idents, in wich we only see the number 4 at a certain point, inspired me for the camera movement on the clients ident.


This project allowed me to understand and experiment more with lighting in maya.As soon as i had a rough test of the idea i sent it to the client whom approved and just said to use the colors mentioned in the brief.In overall i am happy with the final result and feedback from the client,although i think it needed something more on the end when we finally see the full name in front view,i thought maybe some post effect in after effects,but i didn´t have time to develop a good idea or test it,as my skills with that software are still very basic.This project also made me more interested in motion graphics and in interactive animation.So, this has allowed me to further my skills in lighting,animating and rendering.I tried using ambient occlusion but in the end it wasn’t necessary because it killed some of the shininess on the shapes,so i ended up just rendering a beauty pass with motion is the final video.

vj f_usion ident from pastor on Vimeo.

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