Sunday, 30 May 2010

music video

Music Video

CLIENT:        Miguel Cravinho  (PT)
                        Music Producer

PURPOSE:    create music video for projection/ web use

BRIEFING:    I want something that follows every step of the moods in the music.Dark and light.

CONCEPT:    :    The idea i have in my mind for this is of a submersed city,that reencarnates and is re-born.A dark well with no end ,a dark and cold place,this portrays the beginning of everything,the origin.The continuous growth,and the urge to acquire,to consume,or even persuade,takes us to a confused world and to a drastic change,a voyage,with no limits or beginning.It makes us think about the evolution in everything and the growth of quantity instead of quality.

I decided i wanted to use real footage,3D and compositing.For this i wandered through canary wharf and around center London,as we both agreed we wanted to shoot modern architecture to give a highly urban look for some parts of the music.I started doing some modelling for underwater parts,and experimented with light fog and environment fog in maya.This created always some glitches in the image(black pixel)wich i wasn’t able to solve.
 The look for the whole thing was intended to be a blend between organic tech modelling and abstract,pure shapes,integrated in certain parts with live footage.The research i did,was based in graphic design,from videos like onedotzero or resfest,from movies like THX,or  works from matthew barney , chris cunnigham.I found some really interesting videos on  the internet.

THE BUG from Yongsub Song on Vimeo.

The Light from Ihsu Yoon on Vimeo.

RECURSION / from Maxim Zhestkov on Vimeo.

Not having developed further this project on time for delivery at uni,we have still decided on completing the music video.The client has moved two weeks ago,and being someone i know i have been working with in the music and developing better ways to visualize his song.Through some tests i did i realize i need to do more tests with after effects and more modelling.The shoot will be done around Liverpool street,and some photo stills will also be used.Although i didn’t finish this piece,until now this has been the project that was more fun to collaborate and work with the client,as we discussed lots of issues and is the music at this point.

music video_test from pastor on Vimeo.

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