Sunday, 30 May 2010

Chocolate cake turnround

Chocolate Cake Visualization
Chocolate cake turnround

CLIENT: Afonso e Bernardo Pinto (PT)

PURPOSE: create an HD Chocolate cake turnround for projection/ web use

BRIEFING: We need a Chocolate Cake visualization for a site we are starting and for print.The cake must be in a proper sized plate and have a wrap paper.

I mostly used this image for reference_

And some examples for lighting-

This client was the hardest one to contact with,and discuss ideas.«diogo do it how you think works best«.Basically  that was the concept given...So  the creativity i used was towards how i showed the product.Specially the lighting and materials.At midpoint of the project ,i sent an ambient occlusion test of the model for approval.

The feed back was good so i passed on to the next stages.
I looked at some more ad magazines and images to check the lighting on products
And studied a tutorial on the subject.
some tests.

The hardest part to achieve,for me,was the foam/Chantilly on top of the cake and surrounding the cherry.It looks ok but im not really happy with it,specially the modelling of that part.As i was lighting and framing the model,i thought it needed another element to achieve a better composition ,for this i created a simple fork  wich i think helped the general composition.Happy with this i passed on to shading .This was good as i improved my skills and was pleased with the results.I tested a lot of shaders to try and get the chocolate material,and am really happy on how i solved the cherry reflections.The model still need some more tweaks to look more natural, wich i did just before rendering it out.I have sent this project to the client who liked and asked me for some still images wich i have sent already.overall this was really enjoyable and a good test to improve lighting and shading skills and a bit on the texturing side.


choco from pastor on Vimeo.

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